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Student Exam Package - Jan. 2018

Parents and Students are encouraged to read and review the Student Exam Package attached to this posting.

Exam and End of Semester 1 Information
Please ensure that your child attends their examinations on time, in full uniform, and be mindful of inclement weather and/or any other extenuating circumstances. In regards to attending on time, it is advisable that students arrive early for their examination, remember to bring their textbook(s), and proceed to their examination location within 5 minutes of the start of their examination. In regards to uniforms, students must be in full school uniform. In regards to inclement weather, when schools are closed or buses cancelled, due to extreme weather conditions, details will be announced on Hamilton and area TV and radio stations and the Board Website; as well, if for example a Thursday examination is cancelled due to inclement weather and a school closure, the examination will be moved to Friday, and then Friday examinations to Monday, and so on. Please make arrangements for your child to arrive at school on time.

As well, reminder to students: Wednesday, January 31st is a P.A. Day for the entire day, and February 1st starting at 12 noon is a P.A. Day, no school for students during P.A. Days. During the morning of February 1st students will have the opportunity to view their final exams, buses will take home students starting with Wave 1 at 12:10pm. On Friday, February 2 we start our first full day of Semester 2. Thank you for your cooperation and we wish all students good luck on their final examinations. For more information, please refer to

Student Exam Package - Jan. 2018