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Student Athlete COVID-19 Vaccination Disclosure

Please see the attached pdf of the board's new policy around Student Athlete COVID-19 Vaccination Disclosure for full details.

This vaccination policy for student athletes comes into effect on Monday, September 13, 2021.

Student athletes can use the following tool to upload the required documentation, which will be held in confidence by the school administration. Coaches will receive an eligible roster prior to each game. The timelines will be strictly enforced and all uploaded documentation is time and date stamped.

The tool for Bishop Ryan students is below. Note: the upload must be made by signing into each student's hwcdsb student account.

The procedures below are contained within the form:

"1) If you are fully vaccinated, upload your proof through this form. Your name will be added to a master list of student athletes, cleared for all competition in 2021/22.

2) If you are partially vaccinated, upload your proof of first dose through this form. Resubmit this form when your second dose is administered (Deadline: October 1, 2021).

3) If you are unvaccinated (or awaiting your second dose after October 1, 2021), use this form to upload your twice weekly negative antigen test results. Note that the results must be received 24 hours prior to any competition, and be administered within 48 hours of competition.

Note: Weekly test 1 must be administered on Sunday to Tuesday of each week, and weekly test 2 must be administered from Wednesday to Thursday."

Student Athlete COVID-19 Vaccination Disclosure