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2023-2024 Course Selection Procedure

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians:

It is time to choose your courses for next year! Please use the attached Registration Information Guides to carefully choose all your courses. Guidance Counsellors will visit your Period 1 classes to answer questions and hand out important information.

Due Dates:

1. Use to pay $40 Activity fee by February 27th . Cash/cheques not accepted.

2. Choose your courses using My Blueprint by March 1st.

3. Those registering for Co-op: You will Register with priority on March 1st . You can also register at any time. Co-op students: Print out your Sign off sheet and indicate your area of co-op preference.

4. Bring your proof of Activity fee payment (digital or printed) and your Sign off sheet (digital or printed) to your Period 1 class for in-school registration.

5. Grade 12 Students who are not returning next year, please fill in a School Leaving Form and Submit to Student Services by March 1.

6. Current Grade 10 students (those who will be Grade 11 in September) who wish to opt out of E-learning, must fill in the Parent/Guardian/Student Opt-out Form of eLearning Graduation Requirement by March 1.

2023-2024 Course Selection Procedure