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About Our School
School Crest

School Crest

The crest designed and adapted for Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School combines both the symbols of its honorary patron, His Excellency Bishop J.F. Ryan, after whom the school is named, and of education, the purpose of the school.

Surmounting the school crest is a cross symbolizing Christ the King. To Him we pledge our allegiance as Catholic students.

In the dexterchief of the shield are the personal insignia of our Bishop's patron saint, St. Joseph. They are the lilies and the carpenter's square. Below these is a maple leaf for Ontario and Canada.

In the sinisterchief is an open book indicative of the search for knowledge and wisdom. The olive leaves beneath the book promise success and achievement through education. Below is the griffin, a mythical animal, which symbolizes great strength and vigilance.

From the very beginning, the school motto, rallying cry, saying and song have highlighted the Celtic spirit for which BR has been known thoughout its history.
School Motto

School Motto

Virtus et Scientia

The original and official motto of the school, "Virtus et Scientia" or "Virtue and Knowledge", is adapted from the maxim of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. It serves as the guiding principle of these Sisters who are in charge of Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School and who offer it as an appropriate lodestar to their students.

Where Faith, Pride and Effort Promote Excellence

The school's "tagline" or sub-motto, "Where faith, pride and effort promote excellence", was the saying promoted by Mr. Ross Ferguson, guidance teacher and coach, and was placed over the entrance of the original Bishop Ryan site at 166 Queenston Road. This saying has become the de facto motto of the modern school.
Rallying Cry

Rallying Cry

"WE ARE BR!" became Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School's rallying cry under our fourth principal, Mr. Peter Narduzzi (1984-85). The creation of this cheer is popularly attributed to John Pusztay, the Student Council President of the day and a long time teacher and school administrator with the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board.

The "We are BR" cheer is typically said three times successively.
School Song

School Song


Walk into the building everyone is dressed,
Green and White’s the colour,
Better than the rest.
Students to the left, teachers to the right,
Faith, Pride and Effort, makes our future bright.


Rocking in the music room, jamming on the stage,
The voices of Xpression keeping us awake.
Wrestling on the mats, going for the gold,
Football, soccer, basketball, we’re never growing old.


Believing, Achieving, and always succeeding,
and loving, and praying and serving each other,
Cause we are a family who’s living every day,
In a Christ-like Way.

Repeat Chorus


Composed and written by: Mr. Tabone, Karli Bortolotto, and Nancy Vincic May 2013