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Final Examination Information

Final Examination Information

January 2020 Final Examination Information

Please see the attached .pdf(s) [FORTHCOMING] for January 2020 Final Exam information. At Bishop Ryan, we operate a one period - one day exam schedule that looks as follows:

Day 1: Period 1 Exam
Day 2: Period 2 Exam
Day 3: Period 3 Exam
Day 4: Period 4 Exam
Day 5: Period 5 Exam

The particular dates of final exams can be found in the school website calendar.

Please note that all Final Exams at Bishop Ryan are written in classrooms (see your teacher for this information) and begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. Additionally, the following should be kept in mind:

*Students should be in the exam areas no later than 8:20 a.m.

*Missing an exam will result in a mark of zero (0). Students who are absent for an exam due to a medical reason must provide a doctor's note to a Vice-Principal prior to discussing a rescheduling of the exam - otherwise a mark of zero (0) will be allocated.

*Students must be in full uniform in order to write their final exam. No coats or bags should be brought to an examination location.

*Electronic devices are not permitted in the examination areas.

*All textbooks are to be returned to the course teacher prior to the exam.

*In the event of a school closure or bus cancellations (even if schools are open) exams will be pushed back to the next day (ex. Wednesday's exams will be written on Thursday). Please watch/listen to your local radio or television newscast for closures.

Students and parents should also access our "Exams" section under the "Learn" tab on the website. This area provides helpful tips and strategies for students writing final exams.

Good luck Celtics!

Exam Study Tips

Exam Study Tips

The following websites are useful to assist students in preparing for exams:

Study Tips for Exams:
Study Guides and Strategies:
How to Study:
How to Study:
How to Improve Your Study Skills:
Healthy Habits to Support Your Exams

Healthy Habits to Support Your Exams

View the following posters issued by the City of Hamilton for more information about how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for final exams:

Final Exam Day Tips

Final Exam Day Tips

Here's a couple of basic tips and reminders to be successful on your exams:

KNOW YOUR STUFF! Ask your teacher questions. Complete your exam review. Start studying at least a month before.

GET A GOOD SLEEP! Students write a better exam if they have had enough sleep to allow them to concentrate.

EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST! Students write a better exam if their mind is not occupied with being hungry

KNOW YOUR LOCATION! All Final Exams are written in classrooms. Review your location with your teacher so that you are not running around on the morning of your exam.

KNOW HOW LONG YOUR EXAM IS! Grade 9 Exams are typically 1.5 hours long. Grade 10 and 11 Exams are anywhere between 1.5 hours and 2 hours in length. Grade 12 Exams are anywhere between 2 hours and 2.5 hours in length.

KNOW WHAT MATERIALS YOU'LL NEED! Bring lots of pens, pencils, an eraser, a ruler. Think about the subject your exam is representing: Will you need a calculator? Will you need a formula sheet? Will you need a protractor? When in doubt, as your teacher what you should bring.

KNOW WHAT NOT TO BRING! Don't bring food, water, drinks, backpacks, cell phones, music devices, etc. to an exam - you'll be forced to bring these items back to your locker and waste valuable writing time.

KNOW HOW YOU ARE GETTING TO AND FROM YOUR EXAM! Know when your exam starts. Will you be getting a ride to school that day? Will you need to take the city bus and, if so, will you need to look-up a schedule? Do you take the school bus and, if so, did you know that all school buses will drop-off and pick-up at regularly scheduled times?