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Bullying Prevention and Intervention

What Parents Need to Know about Bullying

The school in collaboration with parents work towards creating a positive environment that promote children’s ability to create and maintain healthy relationships. By helping children develop the essential social skills to navigate peer conflicts and by minimizing opportunities for negative peer interactions, parents can help adjust the imbalance of power inherent in bullying relationships. Bullying can take on many different forms as children progress from early childhood to adolescence. During this time, your child could rotate between any of the three categories: the one being bullied, the one bullying and the one watching it happen. Regardless of what role your child plays, bullying has long-term negative consequences and must be challenged. For age appropriate information regarding how best to support your child, please use the following links:

Parents of Elementary School Children: ...
Parents of Secondary School Children: ... ...
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Policy Against Bullying Behaviour

Policy Against Bullying Behaviour ...

HWCDSB Bullying Prevention, Intervention and Follow-up Plan
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