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Grade 9 Parent Planning Guide

Please see the guide attached here.

In-Bounds, Non-Feeder School Registration

  1. Beginning February 3, 2024: Please register On-line: 
B)     March Break: Look for email correspondence from [email protected] to validate your registration
C)   Once you receive this email a)  an intake meeting (both parent/guardian and student must attend) may be required or b) you may be required to complete a parent review
D)  At intake/course selection meeting with the Principal, please bring:
  • Immigration Information/Proof of Status in Canada
  • Birth Certificate
  • Most recent Report Card/Transcript
  • $55.00 Activity Fee (includes the cost of your mandatory school-issued lock)
  • 2 proofs of residency (ie Purchase Agreement, Rental/Lease Agreement, Utility Bill (Hydro, Water), Residential Phone Bill, Cable Bill, Property Tax Bill, Insurance Policy, CRA Notice of Assessment, T4, Statement of Canada Pension Plan )
  • Individual Education Plan (if applicable)
  • Court Order: Custody Provisions (if applicable)
  • Complete your Course Selections on paper through Guidance