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BR Spirit Wear Website Now Live!

Looking for Spirit Wear? Check out the website here!

The Spirit Wear website will be available until November 16.

Remember that Spirit Wear tops are only to be worn on Sprit Wear Wednesdays and are to be worn with regular uniform pants. 

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General Rules

At Bishop Ryan we take great pride in our dress code. Aside from its practical aspects, it gives us a sense of community within our school and a feeling of uniqueness within the larger community. All students, staff and parents are expected to know and respect our uniform dress code.

The specifics of the common dress code are listed below. While it is possible to list all that may be worn, it is not possible to address all the external trappings that some students might choose to adopt. Suffice it to say that any externals not in keeping with the spirit of the uniform code will not be acceptable. The vice principal(s) will make the final decision in regards to any clarifications.

Students must wear the complete uniform all day on school days. This means that students are required to remain in uniform at all times including lunch hour and spares. The complete uniform must be worn at any school conducted function unless an exemption is granted by the administration. School uniforms are to be worn neatly (eg. Dress shirts should be buttoned up and tucked in, pants are to be worn at the waist, pant legs are not to be rolled up, slit, frayed or cut off. Only plain, all white T-shirts may be worn under uniform tops. These undershirts must be tucked in. The only long sleeved shirt which may be worn with the BR golf shirt is the BR turtleneck.

Students are not to alter or modify the uniform in any way (for example, shirts are not to be taken in at the side, pant legs are not to be slit or zippers or fabric attached).

Uniform items must be size appropriate - not too small nor too large.

Jackets, hats, sweaters and school bags are not allowed in classes.

Students enrolled in Physical Education classes are required to wear the gym uniform which consists of a BR T-shirt, shorts and white socks. Gym shoes, which may be purchased independently, are the only shoes allowed on the gym floor.

Collars must be worn down, and pants are not to be tucked into socks.

Spirit wear is not part of the school uniform. (eg. Team sweatshirts, t-shirts) These items are not to be worn as uniform items.

On "Civies" days students may not wear clothes with graphics promoting unacceptable lifestyles or inappropriate or derogatory comments or symbols involving sex, alcohol, drugs, gangs etc.; nor may they wear spaghetti straps, halter-tops, spandex pants, low cut pants, tights, cutoffs, or similar inappropriate clothing. Shorts worn must be walking shorts just above the knees. Sport shorts are not allowed on these days. No bare midriffs or cleavage should be showing. Students not dressed appropriately will be sent home to change.

In emergency situations when the uniform cannot be worn, the student must bring a parental note of explanation to the administration by 8:10 a.m. In these cases, students are expected to dress in clothing appropriate with the spirit of the dress code (e.g. plain collared shirt, dress slacks etcetera). Inappropriately dressed students will need to return home to change.

Neither jeans nor sandals may be worn on any uniform days. Exemptions will not be issued by the administration for these and students will automatically be sent home.

Non-uniform tops or bottoms are not to be worn within the building, at any time, including spares and lunch time.

Boots are not permitted to be worn as part of the uniform. Students must change from their winter boots into the appropriate footwear when they arrive at the school.

Students must wear closed-toe shoes at all times. Crocs, slippers, flip-flops etc. are not appropriate footwear.

In the interest of preserving the integrity of the school Dress Code and a positive image of the school in the community, any accessory or manner of presentment which the school administration views as compromising in terms of the Dress Code will not be permitted.

Prohibited At All Times:
excessive personal adornment ( i.e. facial piercing, jewelry, excessive make-up and/or hair styles, tattoos)
hats, headbands and kerchiefs
clothing with holes, rips or tears
belts with metal studs or eyelets or large belt buckles
pants that drag along the ground
gang-related apparel and accessories
wrist bands, chokers, chains and Lanyards
Grooming - Hair must be styled/worn in a manner which permits the eyes to be visible at all times. This is a safety issue for the student when their vision is obstructed. Note: Undergarments shall not be exposed.

Students cannot apply a BR logo to a non-uniform item.


Board Uniform Policy

The Board Uniform Policy states, “The Principal, in consultation with the Catholic School Council, shall develop a student dress code as part of the Code of Student Conduct.”

Board Uniform Policy